What Do I Do? 18x 24 Inch Poster


What Do I Do?

I help…
Grandfathers dance with granddaughters.
and grandmothers garden and pick roses.

I feel and touch people’s deep pain with my hands,
I listen to people share their dreams and fears
And help them create inspiring futures.
I help mothers sleep at night because their babies are healthier.
I help the elderly get out of bed and walk more comfortably.
I help athletes run faster, jump higher, kick further and move stronger.

I help your proprioceptors fire again,
I improve the impulses back to your brain.
I help your body reduce adrenalin and cortisol
And calm the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism.
I assist the positive neuroplasticity that the world craves now,
and needs to be healthy.

I help your body to do what it does wonderfully,
Without you even knowing.
I facilitate that spark of life that controls your magnificence.
That rivulet of force that allows
You every experience in your life.

I help the expression of your life potential unfold as it should.
I help maximise the essence of your perfection within.
I use my hands with love with your innate intelligence
Without the use of drugs or surgery.

I am a Chiropractor.
And I love what I do.

Dirk Jacobsz

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