To Love & Serve focuses and assists the recruitment and funding of health care professionals and other professionals onto volunteer medical teams for non-for-profit organisations, of which are dedicated to empowering rural and disadvantaged communities in developing nations.

It is the about the ability to unconditionally love and be of service to the people in front of you, no matter the situation and location. 

We believe everyone should have equal access to adequate care.



Restore One is not-for-profit organisation dedicated to developing and empowering impoverished communities in Cambodia.

As the name suggests, we bring about change and restoration, one community at a time.

As such, our focus is local yet comprehensive, working with individual communities to address issues in the following key areas:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Healthcare and hygiene
  • Sustainable food production
  • Child welfare and safety

What makes Restore One different?

  1. Our focus is local Our overriding passion is to bring about change in Cambodia, one community at a time. We develop and maintain close local-level relationships, because they are key to any positive change.
  2. Our approach is practical At Restore One, we do not believe in “bandaid” solutions. We change lives in a tangible, sustainable way. From houses for the homeless to micro-business for the unemployed, we judge potential projects with one question: “Will this have a genuine and lasting impact on the lives of these people?”
  3. We partner with communities Who is in the best position to judge what a community needs? The community itself. Everything we do at Restore One is driven by consultation and feedback from those we are trying to help.

We have local employees who manage relationships with the communities where we work. We utilise local labour in our projects, and consult closely with local leaders.

bringing about change and restoration, one community at a time.

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